Hello! I'm Madeleine (Maddi), 22 - beauty and fashion obsessed resident of Sydney, Australia.

I started Dolce Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle in 2013 after years of following beauty and trends behind the scenes on millions of blogs, vlogs, and youtube channels. This blog started as an outlet and hobby for me when I was going through a bit of a rough patch in life - a way to express my views and channel my creativity. Hopefully I'm able to help and entertain people along the way. 

This blog features mainly reviews on beauty products (including makeup, skin care, and hair products), shopping hauls, occasional fashion inspiration, and notes on lifestyle. I review both high end and drugstore products, all of which I purchase myself (unless stated otherwise).

Outside of blogging, I'm a uni graduate with a double degree in Music and Psychology. Aside from the obvious, my interests include music of all genres, coffee and tea, spending too much time on twitter/facebook/tumblr/instagram, and cocktails!

Find me on twitter, instagram, tumblr, pinterest and please follow the blog on bloglovin & shesaidbeauty!
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