Wednesday, 13 March 2013

OPI Oz the Great and Powerful - Part 2!

 Hi guys sorry it's taken me so long to upload part 2 of the Oz collection! I just couldn't bear to take off What Wizardry is This? I love it so much!
The swatches and reviews for the last two in the mini collection (Don't Burst My Bubble, and I Theodora You) are below.

1. Don't Burst My Bubble

Don't Burst My Bubble is a sheer white/slightly pink-based nautral colour. It looks quite milky in the bottle, and the pink is quite subtle. I would say it's a great equivalent to Glints of Glinda for cooler toned beauties!

This polish is very similar to Glints of Glinda in that it is very sheer. You would need a good 3 coats to get close to an opaque finish, but those who like the look of a semi-translucent finish then this is a good option! It applies well, dries quickly leaving a gloss finish.

2. I Theodora You

I Theodora You is a baby pink semi-sheer polish. It offers slightly more opacity than the other two base polishes, so you could get away with just 2 coats. I find it's a pretty similar to OPI Mod About You but more pink less purple.

The photo doesn't really do this polish justice (damn light) because it actually is quite pink - so I definitely wouldn't call this a natural/nude nail polish. Definitely a very 'girly' pink. I found this applies better than the other base colours in the collection simply because it isn't as sheer. I don't feel I need more than two coats with this. Again, it dries quickly leaving a super glossy finish.

Overall, I absolutely love this mini collection! My must haves out of the four would have to be I Theodora You, and What Wizardry is This? However, if you were simply looking for a nice nude/natural polish there would be others I would suggest over these (Sweetheart!).
Congrats OPI on another great collection!!

NOTE: This is just a review of the mini collection. The overall Oz the Great and Powerful line includes the 3 base colours (Don't Burst My Bubble, I Theodora You, and Glints of Glinda), 3 glitter polishes (Which is Witch, Lights of Emerald City, and When Monkeys Fly!), and the liquid sand What Wizardry is This?

What do you think of the collection? Which ones will you be buying?

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  1. I really like this collection as I'm a huge fan of beautiful nude colours, and OPI make the best nail polishes around! Their formalas are so smooth and easy to apply and the finish is amazing. I Theodora You and Don't Burst my bubble are both gorgeous!


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