Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Maybelline Colour Show

I was really looking forward to trying Maybelline's latest nail polish line Colour Show, and I finally got round to buying some the other day. I restricted myself to buying just one colour since I have so many other nail polishes to try, and I chose a cute mint green 'Green With Envy 320'. 

What Maybelline says about Colour Show:
  • Chip-resistant
  • Bold colour that won't quit
  • Easy flow brush
Just about the only thing I can agree with is the bold colour. The colour is true, and stays bright even when dry. I found the brush difficult to work with - it was slightly too long. Apart from the brush, the polish went on fairly well, the formula wasn't too runny or too thick. However, it took forever to dry - it was still tacky after about an hour with only two thin coats on. It also chips like nothing else! I had to take it off after a day because it had chipped and peeled off the majority of my nails. 
The main issue I had with this product is the packaging - it's got an unnecessarily long neck, and the brush is quite short-stemmed, so reaching the bottom half of the product is going to be interesting. 

I'm not entirely convinced that the product is worth the $5.95 I paid for it. I honestly think you'd be better off spending the extra $5 or so on either a Revlon Colourstay or Rimmel polish - love these!

Have you tried this line? Let me know how you went!


  1. Great review!

    I have tried one of these polishes. I have to agree about the brush, I think more thought could have been put into it. The shade I tried was called Twilight Rays and the formula was great and so was the color payoff. I find with some pastel nail polishes the formula is too milky, in turn effecting the application and drying.


    1. I really loved the colour, it's just such a shame about the brush & packaging!


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